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"Customer Satisfaction at its highest!"

Over the years of Gold Prospecting, operating a small business and conducting outing and seminars I have met hundreds of wonderful people.  Here is just what a few of them had to say about my service.  If you were a customer and experienced great service, I would like to add your comments here.  Contact me by email.

"Rob's Detector Sales guarantees customer satisfaction before and after the sale!"
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First of all that I am not butt kissing nor do I get a profit from sales nor am I in cahoots with Rob.
I wanted to say that Rob needs credit for his great customer service and if I need somthing, I go to Rob first.
Rob is honist and will not sell you somthing you don't need, tells it like it is and answers emails fast. He ships fast and you can look forward to it being there when he says it will be.
If I have problems with somthing, I notify him and he quickly ships me a new one before he even recieves my old item and makes sure it gets to me before the weekend!

Thanks again Rob!



Hi Rob

Just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for the ultra fast service on the new Wallaby DD Pro that I got from you. I took it out Fri. to my favorite patch and got skunked, but was very impressed with its performance- sensitive, covers good ground, and very easy to pinpoint with. And Chris Gholson's videos should be a must have for any new detectorist. It has taken me a year and a half to learn most of that stuff by trial and error, and a lot of wasted time, but I learned a lot more still from the videos, and reinforced a lot of conclusions that I have made from my experiences. I wish that I had these videos a year and a half ago! Anyway, thanks for the great service, Rob's Detector Sales ROCKS!

Thor Riksheim
Tuolumne, CA

ďThanks Rob - Iím very happy with my new Minelab SD2100v2!  Very helpful phone calls, emails, product demonstration, field instructions and even a gold nugget with your help!  Your service is first rate.  You add a great deal of value to the Minelab name..."

 --DJ Hanson, Maricopa, Arizona
July 23, 2006

Thanks You Rob,

Got the coil and was amazed at the speed and trust, this is a wonderful community of gold hunters.  It is good that trust and integrity still exists in this ol' world. Thanks!

Fred Mason
July 5, 2005

Hi Rob,

I want to thank you for meeting my ridicules delivery request when I ordered my Minelab GP3000. Most vendors, when out of stock, would ask the customer to wait until their stock delivery order was received and then schedule the customers order after that. However, you found another vendor with stock and had them ship my order so I could have the unit when I wanted it. This is the hallmark of a great vendor, one that puts the customer first. Thank you for your excellent service.

Douglas Beskow
March 15, 2005

"Rob, thanks for the recommendation.  You were sure right about the DetectorPro headphones.  I will absolutely come back to Robís Detector Sales next time I need more equipment because doing business here is a pleasure!"

(That isn't no exaggeration, either.)

Saint Helena, Ca
February 2nd, 2005

"It has been almost a year since I first met you and purchased a variety of coils and tools.  I just want to say thank you for the helpful hints and tips.  You always make time to chat about prospecting, whenever I call, e-mail or just drop in unannounced. After such a short time and only a few meetings I feel that I know you and trust you like a close friend."
Thanks for the great service."

God Bless,
Roland Chooljian
Phoenix, Arizona
November 12th, 2004

"I have bought a few of the fine products Rob handles.  Rob should have named his business "ROB'S CUSTOMER SATISFACTION DETECTOR SALES" rather than Rob's Detector Sales. 

One of the coils I bought from him was (in my mind) defective.  He personally drove several miles to deliver a new Coiltek Wallaby and exchanged the coils.  As it turned out, there was nothing wrong with the original coil.  The problem was with me.  But Rob has another satisfied customer, which seems to be one of his main objectives.
Rob seems to be willing to go more than half way to please his customers."

Thanks Rob,
Bob Trower
Prescott Valley, AZ
November 8th, 2004

"I just wanted to say thank you. Not only do you provide great products but go above and beyond with customer service. The extra attention and personal instruction you provide has been invaluable and I can't thank you enough for including me in several prospecting trips! Not only have I bought some excellent products but I feel I have made a good friend. I would be happy to refer anyone to Rob's Detector Sales."

Sean Haymes-Maree
Phoenix, Arizona

"I just purchased a new Minelab GP3000 from Rob's Detector Sales and was astonished with the service I received.  Rob spent several hours on the phone, not knowing I was even going to purchase from him.  The amount of knowledge and help before the purchase was more than convincing.  We scheduled an outing for lessons, and I found my first Arizona nugget with the new GP3000.  Rob's service before and after the purchase was A+.
I was actually referred from Minelab USA in Vegas, and they had nothing but great things to say about Rob and his dedication as a dealer."

Dennis M.
Peoria, Arizona

"I first met Rob about four years ago after purchasing a VLF detector from him.  Let me tell you I was impressed with his knowledge of metal sensing technology (especially Pulse Induction) and his passion for gold nuggets.  Recently, I made the jump from VLF to PI technology and Rob has been very helpful.  Up to this time, I have been using VLF technology for the last 10 years and I realize now I should have had the PI technology in my arsenal.  Rob thanks for supplying me with the "Wallaby" coils they have worked wonders over the stock coils!  In addition, thanks for answering my many questions regarding the new Minelab GP 3000.  You are truly a professional when it comes to PI technology, I look forward to having you participate on my next archaeological project."

Christopher Adams, Archaeologist
 Lincoln National Forest, NM

"Whether you are a novice, or just updating your equipment,  Rob's experience with what he sells, gives you a quantum leap to successful nugget shooting.  The knowledge he will share with you is worth more than the hardware you'll buy from him."

Rick F.
Scottsdale, Arizona

"I've known Rob Allison for about a year now, and recently became one of his customers.  Rob knows his detecting products, and backs up his great prices with great customer service.  He is a dealer you can trust."

Larry (GoldnTrails)
Julesburg, CO

"I just want to drop you a line to say thank you for your top notch customer service and products.  The GP Extreme I purchased from you is the best investment I have made in gold prospecting equipment in many years.  In returning to several of my old worked out spots I have found numerous gold nuggets my other detectors could not find.  Your willingness and drive has to keep your customers happy is second to none.  I am completely satisfied with my purchase and would recommend anyone to you.  Happy hunting my friend."

Rod Fitzhugh
Peoria, Arizona USA


ďBeing a thrifty guy I found Robís deal impossible to beat, and after the purchase the service was top notch. Now I consider Rob a good friend and enjoy running into him in the field. When itís time to replace the old GP Extreme or buy a new coil you can bet I will check With Rob Allison ď

Jim H.
Bagdad, Arizona USA

"I have been a nugget hunter for 7 years.  I met Rob while I was in Phoenix. I decided to purchase a GP Extreme from him. On my first hunt I found five pieces of gold for a total of one ounce. The largest piece weighed 12.2 dwt. The Extreme and Rob's service and help have improved my finds beyond my expectations. Thank you Rob."  

Goldbug Ron
Northern California, USA

"Rob is first rate, not just in the way he treats his customers, but in his knowledge, experience and success in the field. Not only did Rob give me an unbeatable deal on a GP extreme and subsequent accessories, he's become a trusted friend and a great nuggetshooting partner."

"GP" Jim P.
Peoria, Arizona

"I have only purchased a couple of small items from Rob, but have known him for several years and find him to be conscientious and fair in all his dealings.  I will buy from Rob anytime!" 

Richard D.
Indio, California

"Thank You all for your fine compliment!"
From Rob's Detector Sales

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