"Expedition to Moore Creek, Alaska 2006"
 Now you can visit Moore Creek and find your own GOLD!

     Now you to can visit Moore Creek, Alaska to search for gold! Moore Creek Mining LLC is making their mining property available to a select few people to share in an Alaskan adventure. Moore Creek produced over 60,000 ounces of gold and at one time was the largest producing mine in Southwestern Alaska. It was noted for the many large pieces of gold with quartz attached found during mining operations. Due to the nature of the old mining systems many of these large pieces were lost in the tailing piles. In the last two years over 150 nuggets with a total weight of over 100 ounces have been found with metal detectors in the tailing piles. Larger specimens have ranged from 1-6 ounces each, with most nuggets averaging about 1/4 oz. In recent years nuggets up to 20 ounces have been found by past miners, with even larger specimens found in the early years of mining.  Learn more about these exciting opportunities to visit Moore Creek, Alaska by  "Clicking Here." 

"Pictures of my 06' Moore Creek Trip"

 Pictured Left to Right: Chris Ralph, Jim W., Carl B., Ray W., Glenn M.,, Gaine H.,
Dennis Broderick, Laszlo K., Rob Allison, Jim Pressley & 20 ounces of GOLD!!!

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Hope You Enjoyed ...

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