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Pictures of gold nuggets undisturbed

Nuggets found with a Minelab GP3000, GP3500 & Newest GPX-4000
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I thought you would love to view some gold nuggets still undisturbed in nature.  Most of the gold nuggets below came from Arizona goldfields and were found with the Minelab GP3000/GP3500 & Latests GPX-4000 Metal Detectors and Coiltek Searchcoils.  Several of the nuggets below were just lying on bedrock and a detector was not needed to locate.  It is exciting when you can dig right down to the nugget and see what it looks like.  I will continue to update this page as I continue to dig more of those elusive gold nuggets. 

New - Just recently found this small nugget laying right on top of a Granite type bedrock in a completely new area.  Found with a GPX-4000!

New - 3 Dwt gold nugget found at 16-inch during the field testing stages of the Minelab GPX-4000 Metal Detector.  One Awesome metal detector!

New - Small quartz and gold specimen found laying right on top of bedrock in the Bradshaw Mountain Range. Found with Minelab GP3500. 

Another smaller nugget lying on decomposed bedrock.  This nugget was found very close to the nugget pictured to the left.  Both found with GP3500 & Coiltek Coil.

A nugget just recently discovered by the webmaster in the Bradshaw Mountain Range.  Look closely at the small crevice and you will see a line of gold.

First of three small nuggets recovered May 8th in the Bradshaw Mountain Range with a Minelab GP3500 metal detector & Coiltek Searchcoil.

Small Nugget found May 8th with a Minelab GP3500.  The nugget in embedded in Yavapai Schist Bedrock, Bradshaw Mtn.  

Another small gold nugget recovered May 8th with the GP3500 metal detector.  This nugget was also found in schist bedrock.

With the new Minelab GP3500 I was able to visually see this gold nugget once the detector responded over it.  Nugget was just over 1 Dwt.

This nugget was approx. 40 ounces and was lying in the Western Australian Outback.  The nugget was just slightly moved when the searchcoil hit it.  Picture courtesy of
Coiltek PTY. LTD.

 Bob (AK) sent this picture to me just recently.  Two nuggets just over 1/4 ounce total recovered dredging an Alaskan Creek. 

5.81 ounce gold nugget recovered at Ganes Creek, Alaska by Bob (AK).  This nugget was found among the cobbles left from one of the old dragline dredges.

I personally dug down to the top of this gold nugget as you can see in the picture. 


Small gold nugget wedged in a narrow bedrock crevice.  The nugget weight was approx. 7 grains. This area produced a nice handful of small gold nuggets. 


Small solid gold nugget visually seen after the Minelab GP3000 "beeped" on it.  The nugget was approx. 1 Dwt and found in a volcanic area. 


3 Dwt gold nugget wedged in some bedrock.  This particular nugget is very water worn as you can from the smooth texture.  Nugget was recovered the Black Canyon area.

2 Dwt gold nugget just lying right in the open for anyone to discover.  I detected over this one and then glanced down and saw it staring back at me!

Nice gold nugget stuck in a bedrock crack.  The nugget was found fairly close to the nugget to the left of this picture.  This area produced a handful of nice nuggets.

2 Dwt gold nugget lying on Schist bedrock.  This gold nugget was recovered from the Bradshaw Mountain Region, Arizona.

Notice the 3 small gold nuggets lying just above bedrock on a clay layer.  This wash produced over 100 gold nuggets from several nuggethunters. 

This Dwt gold nugget was lying just off the main wash on a small bench.  The nugget was lying on a Granite bedrock.

This nice 1.5 Dwt gold nugget was discovered also in the Bradshaw Mountain Region.  The crevices were loaded with really fine gold.  This would be a great spot for a vac-pac!

Nice 1/4 ouncer wedged within the bedrock.  I found this piece out prospecting for new locations.  It's always excited to hit in new spots.

Can you believe this?  I actually was walking down a small wash and seen this piece glowing on the bedrock during one hot, summer day.

I recovered this gold nugget out of some old ancient channel material.  The nugget was encased in a hardened dirt layer.

Small gold nugget found on schist bedrock.  The nugget was found with the Coiltek Wallaby Mono & GP3000 metal detector.

Very small gold nugget found lying right on top of the schist bedrock.  This nugget was also found in the Bradshaw Mountain Range. 

One of my favorite gold nugget finds recently.  This piece was almost a solid one ounce of gold.  Piece was found lying just off the main channel. 

Really smooth, small gold nugget lying on exposed bedrock.  This area also produced a nice poke of gold nuggets.

A nice 2.5 Dwt gold nugget lying just below the surface on bedrock.  I recovered close to an ounce of small gold in this area.

Small gold nugget encased in caliche.  This nugget was found near the Quartzsite region.  Found with a GP3500.

A nice gold nugget exposed under several inches of material.  This nugget was roughly 1 Dwt in size and was found with the Minelab GP3500 Metal Detector.

This small gold nugget was wedged in a Schist crevice. This nugget was roughly 0.5 Dwt in size and was found with the Minelab GP3500.

Another small gold nugget lying on volcanic type bedrock in the Bradshaw Mountain Range, Arizona.  This nugget was also found with the Minelab GP3500.

Another nice little nugget lying on decomposed bedrock.  Nuggets this size are very common in the Bradshaw Mountain Range, AZ. 

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