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Latest Treasures Discovered with a Minelab Metal Detector
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New - Just recently found these nuggets with the new Minelab GPX-4000 Metal Detector & Coiltek 14-inch Mono at a new spot in Arizona.

  New - Some more new gold nuggets found at Rich Hill area with the new Minelab GPX-4000 Metal Detector.  Just over 1/3 ounce of gold nuggets.

New - Several ounces of gold nuggets found by the webmaster working on the 24K Gold Hunters Claims around Stanton, Rich Hill, Arizona area.

A few gold & Galena nuggets found with a Minelab GP3500 Metal Detector in the Bradshaw Mountain Range.

Monster 238 Gram gold nugget found by the webmaster in Arizona.  Nuggets this size are worth much more than spot price. Offered $9,000.

Rough gold nuggets recovered from a dry placer area in Arizona.  This area is highly mineralized and only a Minelab PI will work here!

Nuggets just recently discovered in an old patch that produced nearly 50 nuggets.  Found with the Minelab GP3500 & Coiltek Searchcoil.

  Copper, Gold and Galena nuggets found by the webmaster in the Bradshaw Mountain Range.  Found with a GP3500 & Coiltek Coil.

Two nuggets recently found with the Minelab PI's.  Largest piece on the right was 5.3 Dwt's and found by the webmaster.

Several gold and copper nuggets recently found by a hunting partner in the Bradshaw Mountain Range, Arizona. Minelab & Coiltek Products were used. 

Over a hundred gold nuggets found over several months with the Minelab GP3000/3500 & Coiltek Searchcoils.

  Just over 1/2 ounce of nugget gold recovered by my partner and I.  These nuggets were detected in the Wickenburg, Arizona region.

My second outing with the new Minelab GP3500 and I scored these 5 pieces of gold within a few hours. 
(Bradshaw Mountains)

First outing with the new Minelab GP3500 Gold Detector and I was able to score these nuggets from the Weaver Mountains, Arizona.

Five gold nuggets recently discovered by my parnter and I in Central Arizona with the Coiltek coils & Minelab  GP3000's.

Working the GP3000 & Wallaby Mono Searchcoil I was able to recover these pieces from the Wickenburg area. Feb 2005

A few small nuggets found out prospecting new ground with the Minelab GP3000 & Coiltek Wallaby Mono.

Several Arizona Gold nuggets found by the webmaster and hunting partner with GP Series Detector & Coiltek Coils.

Right at an ounce of nuggets recovered from a new location in NW Arizona. Found with the GP3000 & Coiltek Coils.

Testing the proto-type Coiltek Wallaby R-Factor on the GP3000 lead me to these nuggets overlooked in an old nugget patch. 

Testing the Coiltek Wallaby Mono Pro & "R-Factor Mono" lead my nuggethunting partner and I into several ounce nuggets from Rich Hill.

More small gold nuggets recovered by the webmaster while using the Minelab GP3000 in the Bradshaw Mountains, Arizona.

While I was conducting GP3500 Field Instructions I was able to find these seven small nuggets in an old patch. Don't under estimate the stock coil!

Found these gold nuggets today (Jan. 16th) in the Bradshaw Mountain Range with the Minelab GP3500 Metal Detector and stock 11-inch Round Searhcoil.

Small nugget patch located by the webmaster around the Quartzsite, Arizona area.  Approx. 1.5 ounces of nugget nugget gold found!

More Pictures are coming Soon

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